Steps to interface the TMSC6713 DSK with PC/Laptop & processing a Matlab Simulink Model using it.

  1. Install windows XP since this kit supports windows XP only.
  2. Install Matlab version R2006b or lower version since we have tried lower version didn’t tried the higher version.
  3. Insert CD which is available with kit name is “TMS320C6000TM DSP Platform Code Composer StudioTM DSK v3.1 IDE”, click install products you will see the following window after this.

    • Install Code Composer Studio v3.1
    • Install Flashburn v2.80
    • Install DSK6713 Drivers & Target Content
  1. Now connect the kit to the PC/laptop using USB cable available with it.
  2. Click on shortcut “6713 DSK Diagnostics Utility v3.1” which will be created in desktop or see in programs, a following window will open

  • Click on “start” button and wait for “Diagnostic Status”, if it comes out to be “Pass” then the kit is interfaced successfully.
  • If “Diagnostic Status” comes out to be “Fail”, go to “Control Panel -> Printer and Other Hardware -> Add Hardware (Right Column)”, then install the driver manually by inserting & selecting CD Rom option. Check again for “Diagnostic Status”, if will comes out to be “Pass”.
  1. Now open Matlab R2006b and open a simulink model as shown below:

  1. A blank model window will open, now open “library browser” as shown in figure below

  1. In the library window open “C6000 Target Preferences” as shown in figure below and add it to your model by right clicking and selecting “add to untitled”.

  1. Now open an example “Targeting Tutorial -- Single Rate Application” from help to set configuration parameters as below:

  1. Click next Button at top right as in figure above, a window will open as shown below; in that window all the configuration parameters are specified.

  1. To set configuration parameters, go to untitled model window and follow the steps to open configure parameters window as shown in figures below:

  1. Now in the above window set the configure parameters by reading the tutorial in which configure parameters are specified.
  2. Now draw your simulink model, I am assuming that you have knowledge of Matlab Simulink. 
  3. For Example I have drawn QPSK modulator/demodulator as shown below. Have a look that C6713 ADC & C6713 DAC blocks are added so that we can give external input to kit from Function Generator and can see our output in Oscilloscope. Note that the parameters of C6713 ADC & C6713 DAC blocks would be same.
  4. Now run the Run your simulink model and check it whether it is not giving any errors. If it gives some errors rectify those errors.
  5. Now you are ready to burn your simulink model into DSP kit by clicking on “Incremental Build” button as shown in figure at the last.
  6. Now you will see that simulink model will be build in the kit. You can now give input from Function Generator to the kit by proper connection and can see the output in Oscilloscope by using proper connections.