The steps to be followed to implement the Simulink model on DSP Kit (c6713 DSK)

1) Build a MATLAB-Simulink model using blocks in Simulink library or user-defined blocks (E.g. Embedded MATLAB function) in which the block functionality is defined by a MATLAB code, simulate it and verify for its proper functionality.

2) A target preference block is added to the block diagram in Simulink, which is available in the Simulink library, depending upon the DSP kit to be targeted (Here, c6713 DSK).

3) The Simulink specific I/O blocks (Sources/sinks) are replaced by 6713 DSK core support tools and board support tools (ADC, DAC, Memory copy blocks etc). The Simulink configuration parameters are changed according to specifications of target DSP kit.

4) Go to Simulink model window: Menu bar à Incremental Build. Clicking on incremental build option automatically generates CCS code, builds it, generates .out file in CCS, downloads it and executes it on the kit.

The code generation and downloading generally follow the steps shown below:

1) MATLAB-Simulink checks whether block diagram is correct and then converts it to C.

2) Code composer studio is linked and started in the background. A new project is created which incorporates the above model’s source code (functionality).

3) CCS converts the C-code into machine understandable format and executable file.

4) This is downloaded onto to the kit and is executed