How to Interface WARP-2 Kit With Matlab 2009b or Later (written by Girish Chandra Tripathi)

Software Requirement
  • Matlab 2009b or Later
  • Xilinx ISE 14.4
Note:Check on the link given for the compatibility issue of the Matlab and System Generator for better performance
  • Download WARPLab_Reference_Design_7.3.0 from the link
Higher version of Matlab and Xilinx never cause problem but the compatibility issue must be addressed.

Hardware Requirement
  • WARP v2 Kit
  • Cable for Programming the FPGA
  • WARP v2 nodes must have Radio Boards in daughtercard slots 2 (A)and 3(B)
Figure: WARPV2
Programming of Virtex and Warplab Configuration
  • Connect the Warp-2 to PC via 100 Mbps Switch as shown in figure below

  • Change the NIC speed of  your PC to 100Mbps full duplex. 
  • For Windows 7, go to à Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections\LAN\Properties\Configure\Advanced. In the Speed and Duplex Option Set 100 Mbps Full Duplex 
  • Use the WARPLab_Reference_Design_7.3.0 design and run the wl_setup.m in M_Code_Reference folder.
  • Configure the FPGA with the Reference Design. 
  • The reference bitstreams are included in the Bitstreams_Reference folder from the downloaded archive. 
  • Find the bitstream appropriate for your hardware and program the .bit file to the board using the Xilinx iMPACT tool.
Figure: Impact Window
Figure: Add Device Vertex
                                       Right Click on the Device and Programme the Device
Figure: Final Setup
  • Change the IP address of PC to and subnet mask as
  • Check for ping in command prompt.
  • ping
  • ping             
If it is successful,then run wl_example_siso_txrx.m code after change in the code as follows:
  • Change the 17th line of code i,e NUMNODES = 2 ; to NUMNODES = 1;
  • Change the  code(starts from 79th line)
node_tx = nodes(1);
node_rx = nodes(2);
node_tx = nodes(1);
node_rx = nodes(1);
  • Connect antenna to RFA and RFB of the single node that you have connected to your PC.
Figure: Received RSSI